Army advances in Al-Jawf, shells militia’s sites in Sana’a and Al-Dhale


September Net

Yemen’s armed forces and popular resistance, backed by the Coalition supporting Yemeni legitimate government, continue to advance eastern al-Hazm city in Al-Jawf province.

Yemen’s armed forces spokesman Brig. Gen. Abdo Mugali said in a statement to September Net that the army and popular resistance carried out a surprise attack from several battle-axes on areas and positions where the Houthi militia was stationed, after army succeeded to liberate Al-Nadhoud area completely and advance to the Mountains of Shahla.

Army and resistance are remaining to advance, amid a moral and psychological breakdown, flight and oppression among the Houthi militia, he said.

Brig. Gen. Mugali confirmed that the fighting continues until the liberation of the entire province of Al-Jawf, adding that the army and popular resistance will carry on military operations and liberate the various fronts of Al-Jawf.

Battles caused casualties and material damage to the Houthi militia, as well as destroying a number of combat vehicles and the recovery of others.

The importance of the liberated and secured areas lies in permitting the army to cut off militia’s roads, the most important of which is the Al-Ytama-Marib road, as well as the roads to the city of Al-Hazm.

Army will take control of dominant positions on the fronts east of Sana’a and stop militia’s attempted infiltration, surround its groups and cut off its supply routes, he said.

“Northern Al-Dhale province, army artillery shelled militia positions, destroying their positions and fortifications,” he added.

Houthi militia continues to plant landmines and commit crimes, such as firing missile at homes and civilians in ways disagreeing to international law and humanitarian custom, he noted.


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