Defense Minister: Houthi militia keeps recruiting children in its losing battles


September Net

Defense Minister Lt. Gen. Mohammed al-Maqdashi on Thursday confirmed that the Houthi rebel militia continues to recruit children in its losing battles.

During a meeting of the caretaker government headed by Prime Minister Dr. Ma’eenn Abdulmalik, al-Maqdashi explained that the Houthi militia suffered heavy losses in life and equipment during the past days, killing, wounding and capture of a number of its leaders and thousands of its members in battles with the army.

Defense Minister reported the government on the latest military developments on the ground in a number of fronts against the Houthi militia, referring to the role of the army and tribesmen in various locations and fronts especially in Al-Jawf, Al-Bayda, Marib and Sana’a.

The government discussed efforts for boosting capabilities of the national army and support of the tribes and popular resistance to the national army in the fateful battle for regaining the state, ending Houthi militia’s coup and foiling Iranian agenda in Yemen with support of the Saudi-led Coalition.

The government confirmed that supporting battlefields remains the utmost priority, pointing out to significance of the partisan, social and popular role in the battle of Yemeni people.

The meeting reviewed a report on the field situations and military operations in a number of battlefields provided by Defense Minister Mohammad al-Maqdashi. The report praised victories accomplished by the national army, tribes and popular resistances in Marib, Al-Jawf, Al-Bayda.

The government praised Saudi-led Coalition’s brotherly stances for helping in rescuing Yemen from dangers of Iranian sectarian agenda adopted by Houthi militia.



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