Yemen: Houthi Landmines continue to harvest lives of civilians

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September Net

Landmines and explosive devices planted by Iran-backed Houthi militia along the six past years have killed hundreds of innocent civilians in several Yemeni Governorates.

The militia have laid more than one million and half of landmines of various disguised  shapes and size on main roads, populated areas, schools and agricultural farms across the country.

Just in the last two months, more than 25 civilians killed and 23 other were injured or maimed, including women and children.

According to the Monitoring Unit of September Net, 11 children and 6 young girl are among the deaths while 8 children and 4 women among the wounded.

The deaths and injuries resulting from the explosive devices of Houthi militia distributed among eighth Yemeni Governorates, with majority of casualties reported from Hodeidah city, according to the Monitoring team.

Meanwhile, Human Rights Organization said it has found evidences that Houthi militia planted, in addition to anti-personnel mines, anti-armored mines in civilian zones.

The organization added that the militia also amended anti-vehicle mines to be exploded if human body stepped on it and that Houthi laid landmines in disguised way looking like rocks or tree leaves.

Moreover, Saudi Project for Mine Clearance MASAM said its teams have pulled out at least 183581 landmine and improvised explosive devices planted by Houthi militia in different provinces.


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