Steady steps towards Sana’a

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September Net

Yemen’s armed forces, and the popular resistance, with the support of the Arab Coalition air force, are continuing to end the holy national battle against the Houthi rebel militia.

The holy battle aimed at eliminating the Imami coup and the return of the Republic, with a state of order, law, justice, equality, democracy and equal citizenship.

The army’s victories on the front lines of the fighting came as part of a tight plan, a combat tactic, ending the holy battle, and the liberation of the Yemeni capital.

In recent days, the fronts east of Sana’a, Al-Jawf, Al-Bayda and Marib have witnessed mass surrenders of Houthi militiamen and their field leaders. This reveals the extent of the psychological defeat suffered by the Houthi militants after many Yemenis were forced to fight with them.

Houthi militia is waging a war of rumors, spreading propaganda, and hacking into the accounts of activists on social media, to infusion of false news and misinformation. However, this turned against militia, after the truth came to the surface.

Yemen’s armed forces and the popular resistance know their way to Sana’a, and soon the capital of Yemen will return to the Arab framework, and of course tomorrow is not far away.


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