Maj. Gen. Al-Okimi: Army forthcoming Al-Hazm city & militia coming to an end


September Net

Maj. Gen. Amin al-Okimi, confirmed that the Yemen’s armed forces and popular resistance have become on the outskirts of al-Hazm city, the capital of Al-Jawf, after the army’s major victories in the past days in more than one front.

Maj. Gen. Al-Okimi told September Net that the army’s main goal is not only to liberate Al-Hazm city, but to liberate and restore the entire territory of Yemen from the grip of the Houthi rebel militia.

Al-Jawf governor noted that Houthi militia has suffered heavy losses in both lives and combat equipment, and major defeats are received by the militia on various battle fronts in Al-Jawf and other provinces.

Al-Okimi explained that the morale of the army and tribesmen and their combat readiness are high, and they are advancing in a firm and confident plan towards Al-Hazm city to liberate it and the rest of the provinces from the militia coup.


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