Dozens of Houthis killed in ambush by army southern Marib


September Net

Yemen’s armed forces, backed by popular resistance, on Wednesday carried out a tight-knit ambush targeting members of the Houthi militia, south of Marib, killing dozens of militiamen.

The army and resistance operation coincided with air strikes carried out by coalition fighters supporting Yemen’s legitimate government.

The army and popular resistance on Wednesday morning carried out a tight ambush targeting Houthi militia groups south of Marib, killing and wounding dozens of militiamen, and causing heavy material losses, said Brig. Gen. Saif al-Shadadi, commander of the 159th Infantry Brigade.

The army has been able to take control of strategic military positions, He added.

Moreover, Coalition warplanes also targeted by several air strikes Houthi militia’s reinforcements, which were on their way to the same front, destroying eight combat crews and killing all those on board.


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