Houthi militia suffers painful blows on warfronts


Seprembe net

Maj. Gen. Mufareh Buhaibeh, commander of Bihan Axis and the 26th Mechanized Brigade said that Iran-backed Houthi rebel militia on Thursday suffered a major defeat on the Mahelyaha front.

In a statement to the army website, September Net, Maj. Gen.Buhaybeh said the militia drives its elements to perdition and death at the battlefields..

“All Houthi militia attempts doomed to failure,” the commander added.

He stressed that the armed forces and  popular resistance are going ahead, determined to liberate the entire territory of the homeland from the Houthi rebel militia, and will not be silent on their crimes Yemenis.

He praised  role of the Arab coalition support for the army, by targeting reinforcements and sites of the Houthi militia.

He called on families to stop sending their sons to die for the militia.


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