Republic is the Winner

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September Net

The September 21, 2014 coup, carried out by the Houthi militia, represents a flagrant reversal of the republic’s principles and a black spot in Yemen’s contemporary history.

Yemen was about to draw up a new future map, ensuring that problems are solved and overcoming the past decade, and the trend towards building, development and reconstruction.

However, the militias of evil and terrorism have emerged, so that Yemen does not move to the future it deserves, and has worked to reshape itself into lawless armed groups under the umbrella of the Houthi rebel militia, Iran’s arm in Yemen and the extension of the priesthood imamate.

The Houthi militia thus began carrying out its destructive projects by igniting the war, which caused enormous destruction in security and destroyed the interests and livelihoods of citizens.

As a result of the Houthi militia’s coup, poverty and hunger have widened and civilians have been subjected to the most heinous crimes of genocide, racial discrimination, forced displacement and all forms of crimes that amount to war offenses and crimes against humanity.

To those who do not want the security and stability of Yemen: be aware that all the Yemenis stand united alongside the army in victory for the republic, and make great sacrifices to liberate Yemen from the absurdity of the Imamate.

Today, the army is moving towards completing liberation, saving the capital, Sana’a, from the darkness of the militia, and declaring a new era for all Yemenis.

The Republic will triumph, and the dark era will be eliminated forever.


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