Several Houthi militiamen killed in battles with army eastern Sana’a


September Net

Several Iran-backed Houthi rebel militias were killed and wounded on Thursday in a tight ambush carried out by Yemen’s armed forces in Nihm district eastern Sana’a province.

Earlier on Thursday, the army backed by popular resistance, trapped a group of Houthi militiamen in Jabal al-Mathabea, in Najd al-Ataq front, launching a surprise attack, killing and wounding some Houthi militants.

The commander of the 81st Brigade, Brig. Gen. Abdulwahab Assa’ad, confirmed to September Net that the Houthi rebel militia has suffered significant casualties in the past few days in its ranks in battles with the army, in several locations in  Najd al-Ataq front eastern Sana’a.

Moreover, Coalition fighters supporting Yemen’s legitimate government have targeted Houthi rebel militia positions and reinforcements on the same front, causing loss of life and equipment, he said.

The commander of the 81st Infantry Brigade also confirmed that the army is highly prepared and in high spirits to embrace the sky.


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