Defense Minister: Yemenis will defeat Iran’s Houthi project & Marib impossible for enemies


September Net

Defense Minister Lt. Gen. Mohammed Ali Al-Maqdashi says that the Yemeni people and the armed forces are determined to restore the state, moving towards ending the rebellion and coup, preserving the objectives of the 26th of September and 14 October revolutions, and Yemenis today are more committed to those great values and gains.

Al-Maqdashi said in a statement to Yemen satellite channel that the sacrifices of the national army and resistance men in various fronts are aimed at defeating the remnants of the imamate, restoring the glory of the Revolution and the Republic.

Al-Maqdashi said that what the Houthi militia did on September 21st is a shame and “shame will only be erased by removing it, and its tools, roots, and Yemenis who uprooted the forts of the Imamate yesterday are able to bury its remnants and illusions.”

Defense Minister congratulated the political leadership represented by Field Marshal Abdorabu Mansour Hadi, President of the Republic, Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces, his Deputy Lt. Gen. Ali Mohsen Saleh, and the State of the Prime Minister of the Caretaker Govt, Dr. Ma’eenn Abdulmalik, on the occasion of the 58th and the 57th anniversary of the of September 26 & October 14 Revolutions, which represented milestones in Yemen’s history.

He expressed pride in the positions and heroism of Marib, Al-Jawf, Al-Bayda tribes and all the tribes of Yemen fighting the rebel militias.

Al-Maqdashi stressed that such good blood will illuminate the future paths for Yemen and will remain immortal in the memory of generations.


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