Sept 26th, Revolution that Renews

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September 26th, 1962, the day of the Yemeni revolution, marks a historic victory over the era of injustice and tyranny, which was enshrined by the Imami regime during centuries of unprecedented civilizational decline and massive destruction at all levels and in various fields.

September 26th means fulfilling the will of the people and directing efforts towards establishing the principles of a just civil state and applying the values of law and order.

The revolution also means a transition from individual rule to the principles of good governance, from ignorance to science, from poverty and hunger to construction and development, from the great diaspora to meeting under the identity of the State and the flag of the Republic, from racial discrimination to equal citizenship, and the active participation of all Yemenis.

The great glory that the Yemenis have made on this day will remain unbroken and renewed.

Today we see all the Yemenis standing together with the armed forces in order to protect the homeland and the gains of the September revolution and the defeat of the Houthi coup militia.

The celebration of the 58th anniversary of the Glorious Revolution has spread throughout Yemen. At the same time, the Yemeni armed forces in various fronts continue their struggle against the Houthi militia.

The national army will not retreat until the liberation of the capital, Sana’a, and Yemen’s new federal is declared.



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