VP phones Marib governor, praises the alignment of Saba provinces fellows on 58th Anniversary of the 26 September Revolution.


September Net


Vice President of the Republic (Lt Gen) Ali Mohsen Saleh held Saturday a telephone conversation with the Governor of Marib governorate Maj. General Sultan Al-Eradah.


The Vice President praised Marib local authority’s efforts to celebrate the 58th Anniversary of the 26 September revolution.


He also hailed the alignment of the fellows in the governorates of Saba province: Marib, Al-Jawf and Al-Bayda with the military units, highly appreciating their huge sacrifices they have been extending in the ongoing battles against Iran-backed Houthi theocratic militia militants.


The Vice President rebuked Houthi militia leadership for refusing to come to peace, insisting on the war and further escalation, paying no attention the Yemeni peoples’ suffering.


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