Rights Group condemns Houthi militia torturing, executing of abductee

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Yemeni Network for Rights and Freedoms denounced the crime of torturing and executing prisoner Mohamed Al-Sabari by Houthi militia.


In a press release, the network denounced the militia’s criminality against abductees and prisoners, which is a barbaric brutality that cannot be tolerated.


The statement said the abductee Mohamed Al-Sabari belongs to Sana’a province, has been kidnapped by militia’s on 31 March 2019, was subjected to all kinds of torture, including beating sticks, electric shocks and electric drill until he died inside the jail.


“The militia kept his body in the morgue for more than a year and handed it to his family with violent signs of torture”, the statement read.


Houthi militia told Al-Sabari’s family that he was died in July last year and stipulated that he should be buried in his village without notice of the incident or any funeral ceremonies, and then undo from the delivering of his body for more than a year.


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