Al-Jwaf’s Governor: Army encircling the directorate Center of the Province from three directions


September Net

Governor’s of Al-Jawf province, Maj. Gen. Amin Al-Alaokimi, said to “September Net” that the army forces encircling the Houthi militia inside the city of Al-Hazm, the provincial capital from three directions, and achieved qualitative victories, against the militia over the past days.

He stressed that the Houthi militia, suffered massive and significant defeats in lives and equipment, in the fronts of Al-Habil and Al-Shahala overlooking the area of Bir Al-Marazeq in the east of the province after it was liberated and recaptured earlier.

Dozens of bodies belong to the members of the criminal militia are still scattered in the mountains and deserts of the Fronts of Al-Habil and Al-Shahala, which have been liberated and recaptured in recent military battles, the governor said.



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