On the Path of Freedom

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September Net


Marking the 58th anniversary of the September 26 revolution, which crossed Yemen from dark ages into the light of a just civil state, the flame of the revolution was lit in all Yemen’s provinces and areas.


It is not surprising that Yemenis celebrate the anniversary of the revolution every year, sticking to the covenant to protect it from all conspiracies and dangers.


Of course, the people deserve to protect the revolution, as long as it is still in the hearts of Yemenis, a glowing flame that never goes out.


On the path of freedom, and in implementation of the goals of the September 26 revolution, first and foremost the construction of the military establishment, the political leadership of Yemen, represented by President Hadi, is making great efforts.


There is no doubt that these efforts have resulted in the building of a leading military institution, capable of protecting national gains, fighting terrorism, uprooting the roots of darkness, and repelling attempts to tamper with Yemen’s security, unity and stability.


On the ground, in all fronts, the Yemen’s armed forces are moving forward, defending the gains of the revolution, completing the battle for liberation, restoring state institutions, and eliminating the Houthi rebel militia forever.



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