Houthi militia increases attacks on civilians south of Hodeidah

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September Net

Iran-backed Houthi rebel militia has stepped up their attacks against civilians in residentia areas south of Hodeidah province, west of the country.

According to local sources, the rebel militia targeted with artillery shells and machine-gun fire in populated neighborhoods in the districts of Al-Durhemi, Hais and Al-Tuhita, in the southern province.

The sources explained that the Houthi shelling resulted in civilian casualties, in addition to major damage to large areas of the farms of citizens.

Just yesterday Houthi militia snipers injured two women in the village of Al-Hait in al-Durhemi district.

The Houthi militia targeted also an Industrial Complex on the outskirts of Hodeidah, causing injuries among workers and damaged parts of it.

These Houthi violations coincide with its militia trying to advance towards the Durhemi directorate, but failed and were forced to flee and retreat by the joint forces after incurring heavy casualties in their ranks.

Notably, Houthi rebel militia has neved committed to ceasefire truce since it was announced in Hodeidah province, targeting with indiscriminate shelling residential neighborhoods, committing crimes against civilians, as well as causing huge physical damage to citizens’ homes and property.


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