2,145 civilians killed, injured by Houthi militia mines in Yemen’s Taiz

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September Net

The MASAM Demining Project supervisor engineering teams in Yemen’s Taiz province, Engineer Aref al-Qahtani, confirmed that the Houthi militia flooded 18 districts in Taiz with thousands of individual mines, and improvised explosive devices of various shapes and sizes.

Al-Qahtani said in a statement issued by the MASAM media office that Houthi mines planted randomly in the districts of Taiz, killed and injured more than 2,154 civilians, including 184 children killed, 384 others injured, and the rest adults and women.

Al-Wazieya district was almost closed to mines, forcing residents to flee, and five districts, all planted with mines, were surrounded by explosives, he added.

Al-Qahtani said Houthi mines planted in 82 residential areas in al-Wazieya district killing and injuring more than 375 civilians, not to mention the material losses suffered by the local population.

During its time working in the Al-Wazieya district, team 22 was able to secure the homes, roads and many of their farms, Al-Qahtani noted.

In the past two years, MASAM project represented by team 22 has secured 30 schools, 6 health centers and a hospital, said arif al-Qahtani.

MASAM was also able to open the main roads linking the district to Lahj and Aden governorates and helped relief organizations deliver medical and relief assistance to local residents.



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