Large-scale military operation northern Al-Jawf retakes key positions


September Net

Yemen’s armed forces have carried out a well-planned attack on the Houthi militia positions, northern Yemen’s Al-Jawf province, through which they succeeded to retake the strategic Al-Khanjar Camp.

The Chief of Staff of the First Brigade border guards Brig. Gen. Jamil Al-Ma’alim, confirmed to September Net that the army forces are in full control of the strategic Al-Khanjar Camp, advancing west towards eastern Al-Jawf.

The army has become a fiery control of the strategic site 55 and its surrounding areas, he added.

The attack involved a number of military priorities and is still going on, amid widespread collapses amid the Houthi militia ranks, incurring significant human and material losses, he said.

Coalition supporting Yemen’s legitimate government has a major role to play in the progress, he confirmed, noting that the army continues to hunt down the remnants of the militia in Al-Jawf desert.


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