Brig. Gen. Mugali: After retaking Al-Khanjar strategic Camp, army’s hold controls the course of the battle


September Net

The spokesman for the armed forces, Brig. Gen. Abdo Mugali, confirmed to September Net that the recent battles have proved that the Yemeni armed forces have the keys to the battle, and are able to defeat the Houthi militia from al-Jawf province.

On the importance of Al-Khanjar Camp, the spokesman of the armed forces said that it controls several major roads in al-Jouf province and will allow the army to cut off supply routes from the Houthi militia.

He pointed out that the progress is accelerating towards the city of Al-Hazm, which made the Houthi militia hasten the looting of government institutions, hospitals, and the property of citizens, and smuggling them to Sa’da governorate and the capital Sana’a.

Brig. Gen. Abdo Mugali stated that the fronts west and south of Marib province are witnessing fierce battles amid the advance of the army and resistance with the support of the Arab Coalition’s fighters, where the Houthi militia suffers heavy losses of life and equipment.


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