Gen. Al-Thaibani: Army wins the battle & coming hours promising


September Net

The head of the Military Operations Commission, acting commander of the 3rd Military Region, Maj. Gen. Nasser al-Thaibani, confirmed to September Net that the army in the 3rd and sixth military areas continues to advance and achieve strategic victories, which began with the retaking of the strategic Al-Khanjar Camp, and controls large areas in al-Jawf province.

Military operations are continuing in Al-Jawf province, until the completion of their tasks, and that the army is approaching Al-Hazm city, the capital of Al-Jawf, to eliminate the Houthi militia.

Gen. Al-Thaibani warned parents in areas controlled by the Houthi militia not to push their children to the fronts and die, in the service of the dark project.


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