Nearly 2000 Houthi rebels killed & injured within 70 days


September Net

At least 2000 militants from Iran-backed Houthi rebel militia were killed and injured during fighting with army forces and coalition airstrikes in the past 70 days west and south Marib Governorate.

The toll includes 44 senior militia field leaders, as well.

The terrorist militia’s losses divided between the western fronts where 650 of its fighters were killed and injured and in the southern fronts in which 1259 of its militiamen killed and wounded.

Iran-backed militia also suffered heavy losses in equipment in the same period. In the west front the terrorist militia lost over 54 combat vehicles, 5 armored cars, one tank and two drones. And 102 combat vehicles, 30 BMB, 3 armored, two tanks and different types of heavy weapons were destroyed in the southern fronts.

Meanwhile, Yemeni Armed Forces had captured 11 combat patrols, 9 vehicles, two armored cars and large quantity of various weapons and ammunition after forcing the rebel militia to flee the fighting zones.


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