President Hadi meets with the UN’s envoy to Yemen

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The President of the Republic Abd-Rabbu Mansour Hadi received Monday evening the UN’s envoy to Yemen Martin Griffiths to review the latest developments about peace efforts.

President Hadi reiterated the legitimate government’s position in support of peace as it is our peoples’ option and approach to re-establish security and stability. He recalled a series of concessions the legitimate government offered in the hope of realizing peace.

” Unfortunately, the Houthi militia stubbornly rejected all concessions we offered, renounced all understandings and agreements, goes on replicating the Iranian experiment in Yemen that our Yemeni people will never accept whatever sacrifices may require to make”, said Hadi.

HE the President has confirmed his constant support for the UN-led efforts to establish peace in Yemen based on the well- known references and UN’s resolutions above all 2216.

” Within this course we asserted our support for the UN envoy Martin Griffiths’s action to move forward to the desirable peace based on the three terms of reference, but the outcomes on the ground since Stockholm clearly indicate that Houthis are not interested in peace or keen on observing its provisions “, Hadi said.

President Hadi said we’re looking forward to see tangible action on the ground far from media fanfare without genuine outcomes.

For his part Mr. Griffiths said the international community is closely watching the situation in Yemen, affirming that he’s going to keep on his good offices, doing utmost efforts to achieve the peace the Yemeni people deserve .

Director of the Republic Presidency Office Dr. Abdullah al-Alimi and Foreign Minister Mohammed al-Hadrami were in attendance.


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