Government sends letter to SC on Iran’s agent smuggling to Yemen as ambassador

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The government of Yemen sent Monday a letter to the Security Council on Iran regime’s smuggling an agent to Yemen as an ambassador to Houthi militia.

The letter described Iran’s act as stark violation to International Law and to Security Council’s resolutions led by Resolution 2216.

The letter also pointed out to Iran Regime’s statements on October 17 by Iranian Spokesperson of Foreign Ministry Khatib Zadah to state run Persian News Agency that the reckless regime sent an ambassador to Sana’a named Hassan Erllo.

The government confirmed that these practices by Iran regime are considered blatant challenge to international community and international accords and as well as a breach to international commitments by Iran and Vienna accords regarding diplomatic relations.
The government further said these practices represent dangerous precedent harm rights of member countries in the United Nations and allows to evil countries and regimes to enable insurgents and coupists to violate the states’ sovereignty.

The government warned that sending a terrorist element for Iran regime as an ambassador enables a rebel and insurgent militia to use a name of a member country in the United Nations, the Republic of Yemen.

The government touched upon Iran’s practices of receiving credentials for a representative to Houthis as an ambassador to the militia on November 19, 2019 and enabled a rebel militia to work under the name of member state in the United Nations.

The government reminded that defending the international law is collective task must be shouldered by all member states in the UN, calling upon the Security Council to denounce these reckless acts.

The government confirmed its right of taking any suitable measure to protect its rights, making it clear that any practices issued by the Republic of Yemen from the occupied embassy in Tehran are considered unworkable.


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