Arab Parliament condemns Houthi militia’s firing laden-explosives drones toward Saudi Arabia

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September Net

Arab Parliament condemned with the most powerful words Houthi militia for firing laden-explosives unmanned aerial vehicles toward the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA).

The parliament issued a statement read” targeting the civilians and civil facilities in the KSA by the insurgent Houthi militia is a coward terrorist act inconsistency with humanitarian values as civilians’ lives and civil properties protected by International Law, these attacks are clear evidence that the militia has kept on its terrorist actions, has not yet ready to contribute to the efforts aiming to get the crisis in Yemen resolved “.

The Arab Parliament held the Iranian regime accountable for terrorist coward attacks carried out by Houthi militia. It stated that the Iranian regime is insisting on promoting chaos and destruction in Arab region through supplying Houthi militia with smart weapons, ballistic missiles, drones and military experts to serve its expansion scheme and spoiler agendas in the region.

The Parliament affirmed its full support for all measures taken by the Saudi-led Arab Coalition in support of legitimacy in Yemen to deter such terrorist deeds.


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