Over 100 Houthi militiamen killed in clashes and airstrikes


September Net

At least 100 Houthi rebel militias have been killed during clashes with the national army heroes and Coalition raids in Nihm directorate, east of Sana’a since last Friday,

In addition, the militia suffered dozens of injuries and huge losses in combat equipment.

Media Center of the armed forces qouted a military source confirming that the heroes of the army in the fronts of Salab and Najd al-Ataq managed on Thursday to break “suicide” attacks carried out by Houthi militias, in an attempt to achieve any progress to raise the morale of their followers, but they have only reaped heavy human losses.

He pointed out that the coalition warplanes actively contributed in the fighting, conducting several accurate raids on militia elements and reinforcements on its way to the fighting zone, resulting in the destruction of a number of vehicles and patrols, and the killing of all those on board.


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