Yemeni army rapidly advances towards Alhazm city

September Net

For the third day in a row, the army forces, backed by tribesmen and the Coalition Supporting Legitimacy, continue to make rapid progress eastern the province of Al-Jawf.

The deputy commander of the 6th Military Region, Commander of the 101st Brigade, Brig. Gen. Mohammed bin Rasai, in a statement to “September Net” said that the heroes of the army supported by tribesmen and fighters of the Alliance to support legitimacy are now encircling the city of Al-Hazm, the capital of Al-Jawf province after the great field progress, made on the fronts of Al-Alam and Alnohod.

Brig. Gen. Ben Rassai said that the rebel militia suffered heavy losses among its members and equipment, after the painful blows they received during clashes with army.

“the army aims to liberate and reclaim the city of Al-Hazm, but the entire territory of the homeland from the Houthi rebel militia, which is now living its last moments on various fronts and battlefields”, he added.

In the context, fighters of the Coalition targeted, gatherings and reinforcements of the Houthi militia, in various locations, on the fronts of the province itself, causing the militia loss of lives and equipment

Meanwhile, on Thursday, the army captured a group of Houthi militiamen, after luring them to one of the positions, on the Bir Al-Marazeq front east of the city of Al-Hazm.


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