President Hadi highlights the need for implementing Riyadh Agreement

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September Net

President of the Republic Abd-Rabbu Mansour Hadi held consultations on Sunday with the board of his advisors with the presence of the Vice President (Lt Gen) Ali Mohsen Saleh.

The consultations focused on a range of developments in the national scene, mainly the efforts aiming to accelerate the implementation of Riyadh Agreement with auspices of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The President briefed his advisors on the outcomes of his meetings and consultations with the international actors including his talks with the UN’s envoy Martin Griffiths.

He reinstated his support for peace that is based on the implementation of the UN’s resolutions in relevance, namely 2216.
He also stressed on the importance of putting Riyadh Agreement in place as this is in the interest of the country. He said” We convened our session today while we are approaching the first anniversary of signing Riyadh Agreement that we have seen as a key step to bring all political constituencies together and join the efforts to eliminate Houthi’s coup, we did and still doing our utmost to implement the agreement , we dealt constructively with its articles”.

The President added” I authorized the Prime Minister to hold consultations with the political parties and constituencies over the formation of the government , previous period must be reviewed and challenges need to be clearly envisaged and the government’s priorities should be outlined, fair distribution of the portfolios must be taken into account”.

Hadi went on saying” Yemen has been going through very difficult and critical stage, we need to act responsibly, manage challenges, we’re in a war with one single enemy ‘the Iranian Houthi militia’, we should enhance coherence of anti-Houth scheme political forces coherence “.

The President of the Republic highly praised the efforts of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the sponsor of Riyadh Agreement ” We trust their efforts to make it successful, backing it with economic package to sustain the national currency value and support the government to do its new tasks and meet the Yemeni peoples’ needs”, said Hadi.

The Vice President provided a report about the ongoing combat operations in different fronts and flashpoints including in Marib, Aljwaf, Albaidha, Al-Dhale’a and the western coast.


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