Houthi’s and Iran’s hand sabotage Yemen antiquities

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September Net

Areas under the control of the Iranian-backed Houthi rebel militia are witnessing an increasingly widespread looting of Yemen’s historical and cultural monuments, all related to the country’s long-lost past.

According to experts spoke to September Net, organized gangs of Houthi militia have organizes gangs that have for years been active and are looting and selling antiquities, using their proceeds to finance the senseless war they are leading, against Yemenis as well as to build huge empires of money in the capital, Sana’a, under their control.

This has revealed, experts added,  the hostility of the coup militia to the country’s civilization, through its systematic war, which it wages not only on human beings, but also on its history, civilization and effects, which it boasts of, and supported of Iran, which has become a threat to Yemen’s past, present and future, in light of its practices that are against all international laws and conventions, which call for respect for states and its culture and non-interference in their affairs.

According to information from the rebel militia’s control areas, all museums, archaeological areas and everything related to Yemen’s history have been subjected to the most heinous looting by the militia, which has obliterated Yemen’s historical monuments and heritage.

This comes through the sale of thousands of artifacts, which reflect Yemeni civilization, and confirms that Yemen’s cultural and archaeological heritage is subjected to the largest systematic theft carried out by the rebel and Houthi rebel militias, whose leaders are active in smuggling and selling the pieces outside Yemen.

Earlier in October, Maj. Gen. Abdul Ghani Jamil, said in press statements that the Iranian-backed Houthi rebel militia had escaped and concealed more than 14,000 rare Yemeni manuscripts, as well as hundreds of artifacts and historical objects.

Jamil noted that the Houthi militia smuggled to Israel, an ancient manuscript of the Torah, considering “its slogans calling for death to Israel” scandalous fallacies that no longer fool anyone.”

Maj. Gen. Jamil called on intellectuals, writers and those interested in Yemeni history and heritage to play their part in the efforts of the rebel militia to “smuggle and hide manuscripts and antiquities in a systematic targeting of Yemeni identity”.


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