Death of new abductee released from Houthi prisons

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September Net

An abductee had died just few days after his release from Houthis militia prisons, local sources in Marib province said.

Mustafa Kaed Hezbar was one of the abductees released in the recent prisoners swap between legitimate government and Houthi.

But he “died in a hospital in Marib as he was in very bad health status due to torture he suffered in the militias prisons in Sana’a”, the sources added.

“Hezbar was kidnapped by the Houthi militia for more than 3 years in Sana’a during which he was subjected to psychological and physical torture, and was released from prison while in a poor state of health.”

This comes two days after the death of Sana’a University psychology professor Dr. Adnan al-Anabi, who died 25 days after his release from a Houthi militia prison in Sana

Abductees and prisoners in Houthi militia prisons are subjected to brutal torture, dozens of whom have died, while hundreds continue to suffer in the cells of the coup d’état.


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