30 civilians including women and children, killed, injured by Houthi militia shelling in a week

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September Net

About 30 civilians, including women and children, were killed and wounded by Houthi militia shelling housing areas in Taiz, Al-Dhale and Hodeidah provinces.

A harsh week for civilians in a number of areas and populated places in the three provinces, following direct targeting, artillery shells, tanks, mortars and machine guns.

From November 1 to 7, September net monitored the death and injury of 30 civilians, mostly from Taiz and Al-Dhale provinces.

On the second and third day of November, in Al-Dhale province southern Yemen, seven civilians were killed and wounded in random shelling, including 26-year-old Khuloud Qasim Mohammed, who died in the shelling of the Houthi militia in Maris area, Qataba district.

Ahmed Yahya, 10, and his mother were injured in a similar shelling by the Houthi militia west of Al-Fakhri area, Qataba district.

Furthermore, Houthi militia intensified its shelling on civilian areas in the central Yemeni city of Taiz, where five children were injured last Wednesday after a random shelling of Houthi militia on housing areas east of Taiz.

The Houthi militia shelling climaxed on Saturday (November 7th), after 12 civilians, including children and elderly people, were injured once Houthi militia shelled housing areas east of Taiz.

In Hodeidah province, the elderly woman (Jarada Mahbash Darwish) was hit by mortar fragments fired by Houthi militia on a housing area south of Hodeidah.


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