Houthi militia illegally sentences civilian kidnapper to death

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September Net

The Houthi militia militia in Sanaa on Sunday sentenced to death, the kidnapper Hadi Abdo Jaber Rajeh Al-Muslamani, who has been in prison for four years, said Abdul Majid Sabra, lawyer for the abductees in the prisons of the militia.

Houthi militia’s trial against Al-Muslamani took place illegally and without a defense lawyer, he added.

He pointed out that the militia described its sentence against Al-Muslamani kidnapper as final as claimed in support of the preliminary ruling No. (27) issued on 6-11-2018, pointing out that the specialized criminal trial court (illegal) of the Houthi militia held only two sessions, the first on 29-10-2018 and the second was the hearing of the verdict on 6-11-2018.

Al-Muslamani kidnapper, from Al-Masbar village, in Aslam district, Hajjah province, was abducted by the Houthi militia in July 2017.


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