Gov’t says Houthis use humanitarian measures to finance own terrorist activities

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September Net

The Yemeni government has said the Houthi militants are using the humanitarian measures it has taken, to finance their own terrorist activities.

In a statement, the government’s Economic Council said the government had ensured “the flow of fuel shipments to the Houthi-held seaport of Hodeida” as a “humanitarian alleviation measure” for the population in Houthi areas, but the militia used the fuel supply “to secure finances for their terrorist activities against the government and the countries of the region and the world.”

“The government’s measures were a reaction to the UN Special Envoy’s demand … to help in paying the salaries of all civil servants, a crucial step to improve the humanitarian conditions,” it said.

The Council called on the international community, the UN Undersecretary for Humanitarian affairs, and the UN Special Envoy to assume their responsibility in holding the Houthi militia accountable for their escalatory measures by the way of causing fuel crises on occasions, and making them up on others.”

The Council said the militia make “thriving black markets out of the made-up crises” and raise funds for their constant war.

The Council cited the militia’s confiscation, earlier this year, of YR 50 billion that had been deposited in the Hodeidah Central Bank to cover the salaries of public employees as per the agreement with the UN envoy.


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