Yemen’s province of Taiz facing war of killing, sources

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September Net

Yemen’s activities called on the international community to intervene and take action to province of Taiz where the Houthi militants have been shelling populated areas for months.

A medical source said Taiz is facing a war of extermination by the Houthi militants, while warning of the alarmingly deterioration of the provincial health facilities.

It is the heaviest shelling against the city since the battles against Houthi militia began, according to local sources.

The sources added that the Houthi militia shelled the inhabited neighborhoods of the east, north-east and northwest of the city.

Houthi militia had previously bombed the Swedish hospital, the cancer hospital, al-Thawra Hospital and the blood bank building, injuring medical personnel with a partial work stoppage.

In another shelling, eight civilians were injured in various areas by artillery shelling by the militia on residential areas, two of whom were killed a few hours later.


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