Yemeni activists call on int’l community to stop collusion with Houthi terrorism

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Yemeni activists from across the political spectrum have called upon the international community especially the UN affiliate agencies and the UN Special Envoy Martin Griffiths to stop collusion with the Houthi terrorism and deal with militia as a terrorist organization.

In a seminar organized by Saba Media Center in Marib on Tuesday, the activists said the Houthis are extremists who base their savage violence on theocratic bigotry and therefore they should be designated terrorists without delay.

The participants in the seminar warned that the Houthis who maintain savage clampdown on any form of civil dissent in Yemen also pose a threat to international navigation in the Red Sea.

The Director of the Public Book Corporation Yahya al-Tholaya set out, in a presentation, a list of common denominators between Houthis and other terror groups, saying they “make the Houthis a full-fledged terrorist group.”


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