Houthi militia suffers painful defeats, huge losses on various fronts


September Net

The Iran-backed Houthi rebel militia has inflicted severe losses in its elements and combat equipment during fighting with the heroes of the armed forces in eastern Sana’a and north western Marib.

in the past few days of battle the militia suffered series of defeats, which caused major breakdown and collapse among its elements, beside the huge losses in human and machines, an army heroe told September Net.

Mountains and hills have turned into graves for the militia elements killed by army gunfire, shelling.

The army forces on the other hand, are making key victories and keeps advancing, forcing militia to flee its sites, after incurring several dead and injured.

Houthi militia drives its fighters as sheep to the burning battles, army soldier Ahmed Obadi added.

We had hours-long battle last night with Houthi rebels which tries to advance toward the vicinity of Mass camp, but forced to flee leaving behind its dead bodies in the fighting zones, Obadi said.



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