Tens of Houthi militiamen killed and injured eastern Sana’a


September Net

Dozens of Houthi militiamen were killed and injured eastern Sana’a and northwestern Marib.

During the heavy fighting in the past few hours, army forces inflicted the Houthi militia humiliating defeats in warfronts of Nihm and western Marib. Tens of Houthi militants were killed and injured in the clashes and its comabt vehicles and reinforcements were destroyed by the coalition fighters jets.

In the context the army forces launched a successful sudden attack during which several militiamen killed and injured, as well as destroying its vehicles and equipment.

The army’s artillery also conducted precise shelling on the militia’s reinforcements and fortifications in Almakhdra and Hailan Mount, causing losses among the rebel militia, which was seen evacuating its dead and wounded after the attack.


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