Army commander: Al-Jawf battles impose heavy losses on the Houthi militia


September Net

The commander in the 6th Military Region, Brig. Gen. Saleh Al-Beil, confirmed to September Net that the latest battles in Al-Jawf have inflicted heavy losses on the Houthi rebel militia, killing a lot of militia human elements and destroying a lot of combat equipment, in addition to killing senior leaders close to the militia leader.

Al-Beil explained that an estimated (3,200 square kilometers) of land area has been liberated in Al-Jawf governorate, and the army is now close to Al-Hazm the capital

He valued the Arab coalition and tribesmen supporting for the army in the battles.

Houthi militias use all methods contrary to the laws of war, such as planting mines, bombing civilians, recruiting children, acting as prisoners, and recruiting African immigrants, he said.


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