Army, Yemeni people no deviation from the goals

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September Net

Yemen’s armed forces and popular resistance are aware that the road to achieving goals is risky and troubled with difficulties. So the road requires making sacrifices and facing storms.

Yemeni army and people have chosen the path of making the future of the country, achieving the hopes and aspirations of generations, and that was a pledge for them to be achieved.

For those who have not yet understood the lesson and continue to be illusional, it is inevitable that the people will move to a new federal State, with justice, equal citizenship, and a just distribution of wealth and power.

This is in fact achieved by the armed forces and Yemen’s free men, who with their blood and sacrifices, paint a new future free of rebellion and terrorism, and that will only be except with military solution.

Moreover, the army advances towards Sana’a, the homeland to resolve the great battle, and restore the state institutions.

What we are living today is the defeat of the Houthi militia, which has led to the use of the war of rumors, and the making of fake victories through fabrication in its media.


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