Houthi militia suffers huge losses northwest Marib


September Net

A number of Iran-backed Houthi militia were killed and wounded on Saturday evening by the army forces during fighting in northwest of Marib

Coalition fighters destroyed a number combat vehicles and machines on their way to Houthi militias southwest of Marib, killing all militiamen on board.

Fierce fighting broke out northwest of Marib, between the national army forces and Iran-backed Houthi militias, during which the coup militias suffered heavy losses.

The Army had been able to break an offensive by the rebel militias on military positions on the fighting fronts northwest of Marib, killing and wounding several militants and forcing rest of them flee.

The Yemeni Armed Forces are fighting heroic battles against the Iran-backed Houthi militia on several fronts, amid major losses in human power and fighting equipment among the rebel militiamen which suffer also rapid breakdown and retreats from clashing zones.


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