Houthi terrorism: 1,635 abductees victims of brutal torture,

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Civilian abductees inside the Houthi militia’s prisons are subjected to the most heinous psychological and physical torture without distinction
between a child or elderly man or woman, and killing many kidnapped, rights groups revealed.

In a new report issued Saturday, Rasd Coalition, which consists of several local human rights organizations and activists, unveils that 1635 Yemeni civilian abductees have experienced various forms of brutal physical and psychological torture and cruel treatment inside cells of Houthi militia.

It states that 109 children, 33 women and 78 elderly people from 17 Yemeni Governorates are among the tortured abductees.

The report mentions that 1,427 abductees had been subjected to psychological and physical torture, including 101 children, 24 women and 63 elderly.

It says that violent torture had resulted in full and partial paralysis, chronic diseases, loss of memory, loss of eye sight and loss of hearing for the victims.

It indicates that 208 abductees exposed to various forms of brutal torture that led to death, including 8 children, 9 women and 15 elderly people.

According to the report, some abductees had died under torture inside prisons, others died due to denial of treatment, many were physically eliminated inside the prisons while some were forced by militia’s brutality and torture to commit suicide.

The report records higher cases of torture in Sana’a province with 430 abductees tortured by Houthi militia including 12 kids, 8 women and 12 elderly, besides 48 civilian abductees brutally tortured to death, among them 4 elderly and 8 women of whom five committed suicide after they were raped under guns threats by Houthi militia’s inside the central prison.

Second comes the northern province of Hajjah, with (161) cases of physical and psychological torture practiced by Houthis against abductees inside its militia cells, including 34 children and women and (6) elderly people, beside 6 more abductee killed under torture, 2 of them kids, 1 elderly, according to the report.

Ibb province ranked third with 113 abductees brutally tortured by the militia, 37 abductees died under torture, including 3 children and two elderly people.

The report says that Hodeida province is in the fourth position with 110 cases of brutal psychological and physical torture against civilians abductees. The figure includes 15 kids, 6 women, 4 elderly, in addition to 26 prisoners and 15 abductees killed under torture inside the militia prisons.

It says that in the besieged city of Taiz 71 abductees subjected to psychological and physical torture inside Houthi cells, killing 21 kidnapped citizens under torture, most of whom were held in the notorious “City of Saleh” prison eastern the province.

Houthi militia tortured 48 abductees in Al-Dhale and 31 in Amran, killing under torture four and eight in the two provinces respectively, the report says.

The rights Coalition, Rasd, states that figures and statistics related to the torture of civilian abductees to death inside Houthi militia’s prisons took place also five Yemeni Governorates that are Aden, Shabwa, Al-Jouf, Raimah and Lahj.


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