Prime minister receives Russian ambassador on latest developments

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September Net

Prime Minister Maeen Abdulmalik received Sunday Russian Ambassador to Yemen Vladimir Dudechkin discussing with him latest developments in Yemen and current final steps for forming new government within Riyadh Agreement in its political, military and security domains.

The two parties reviewed efforts of the UN envoy to Yemen for activating the political process, which is faced by military escalation by Houthi militia and continuous attacks against civilians and maritime navigation.

The two parties also discussed the demanded role by the international community and permanent members in the Security Council for pressuring Houthi militia to respond positively to UN efforts.

Prime Minister reconfirmed keenness of the government on realizing peace and dealing positively with international efforts for realizing this purpose, pointing out that all Houthi practices confirm their negligence to political solution and its continuous blackmail to the international community.

Praising Russian efforts for supporting legitimacy, prime minister pointed out that the new government will have big responsibility for providing solutions ending suffering of the Yemeni people.

For his part, the Russian diplomat renewed his country’s support to Yemen’s legitimacy and efforts of the UN envoy to Yemen for realizing peace and forming the new government.

He expressed confidence that formation of the new government will represent significant step in different fields.


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