President Hadi reiterates his keenness to achieve permanent peace, restore state

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President of the Republic Abd-Rabbu Mansour Hadi reinstated that his very keen on realizing, peace and eliminating Houthi theocratic coup scheme and all division and fragmentation proposals.

In his address to the nation on the 53rd Anniversary of the National Independence Festivity November 30, President Hadi said” We have tried our utmost to bridge the gap created by Houthi militia in the country’s body, since the moment of the National Dialogue we’ve done every effort to engage this rebellious group which is obsessed with claims to have divine right to rule.

We have acted responsibly throughout all peace initiatives, we repeatedly stated that we’re eagerly looking forward to establish fair and comprehensive peace that is based on solid foundations that do not bear seeds of conflict in the future, peace that ensures rights, protect the human being dignity and build the state”.

Hadi went on saying” to bring all Yemenis together and establish national alignment to restore and build the state, national institutions and unify all efforts to achieve this noble goal, we went to Riyadh Agreement sponsored by the leadership of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and we’re going to keep on this safe track to implement Riyadh Agreement aiming to unite the ranks around the national proposal, defuse tension, disputes and conflict in order to bring the country into new era of freedom, construction, growth and stability”.


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