Ministry of Defense uncovers confessions of Houthi cell linked to Iran & involved in terrorist crimes


September Net

Yemen’s Ministry of Defense has shown the confessions of a group of terrorist cells working for the Houthi militia and Iran, involved in terrorist crimes against civilians and the Yemeni armed forces.

The film “Threads of Treason”, which will be broadcast soon by Yemen satellite channel and Aden TV, reveals the confessions of the terrorist cell, which has been found to be linked to leaders in the Houthi militia and operates within the so-called rocket force supervised by foreign experts.

The cell is directly responsible for crimes of targeting civilians and the Yemeni national army, according to evidence, documents and investigations.

The terrorist cell confessions proved disclosing the secrets of the Yemeni Ministry of Defense, with the intent of treason and damage to combat operations.

Earlier Yemen’s intelligence and security services of the Ministry of Defense and Interior had successfully tracked the terrorist cell and arrested a number of its members.

Yemen’s security services also dismantled and uncovered other cells and thwarted their plans to commit terrorist attacks.


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