Released journalists recount torture in Houthi prisons

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Yemeni Journalists released from the prisons of the Houthi militia Hisham Tarmoum, Hassan Annab, Isam Balghaith and Hisham al-Yousofi have revealed various types of torture they were subjected to in the detention of Houthi militias.

They were subjected to psychological and physical torture from the early hours of their abduction until their release, according to them.

At a hearing organized by the Yemeni Journalists Syndicate in collaboration with the National Commission of Yemeni Media Men on Thursday, journalists spoke of the barbaric treatment of prisoners by Houthi militias.

Some of them suffer setbacks from time to time after being released from psychological and physical torture and are denied any form of health care.

Yemeni Journalists reviewed the types of torture they were subjected to in Houthi militia detention camps, such as the horrific, death threats, placing them in weapons depots for being bombed by jet aircraft, depriving them of sleep, food and water, giving them food waste and dirty water and giving them medicines that were not suitable for bulk hygiene.

Journalists also revealed other types of physical torture, such as prolonged hanging, beatings with sticks, kicks, punching and humiliation during interrogation sessions almost daily during the first year of detention.

According to the released journalists, they have been kept in dark rooms for weeks, sometimes in the basements because of sewage leaks. The militia passed bad news about their fate in prisons to their relatives and passed on bad news about their relatives simply because of psychological torture.

Journalists appealed to the entire world for imminent intervention to save the lives of other journalists who continue to suffer various forms of torture in the detentions of Houthi militia.


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