Treason Networks – Film reveals story of terrorist cell working for Iran-backed Houthi militia in Marib



September Net

Moral Guidance Department of the Yemen’s armed forces distributed a film revealing the crimes of the terrorist cell that was working for the Iran-backed Houthi militia and in Marib.

However, the national army’s intelligence services succeeded to dismantle it and arrest its members.

The film which was aired by the Yemeni satellite channel showed that the cell trained by Iranian experts and used by the Houthi militia to target the army commanders and civilians as well.

The terrorist cell has followed the movements of the Defense Minister, Chief of Staff, locations of secret meetings, and gatherings of army leaders in Marib province.

Moreover, the film exposed that the terrorist cell was involved in crimes against civilians, targeting homes and housing areas over the past months, until it was captured by military intelligence.


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