VP discusses with US undersecretary of state peace efforts in Yemen

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Vice President Ali Mohsen discussed Sunday with US Undersecretary of State for the Middle East Affairs David Schenker and US Ambassador to Yemen Christopher Hensel a number of issues and topics led by available peace horizons and efforts exerted in this field.

The two parties also discussed cooperation between the two countries in field of fighting terrorism.

Vice President praised mutual relations between the two countries and the active role of the US friends in helping Yemen’s legitimacy and efforts of realizing peace.

He pointed out to Houthi militia’s continuous military escalation with support from Iran and their breach of Stockholm Agreement, confirming that this criminal approach of Houthi militia makes the international community before big responsibility to implement its resolutions and pressuring the militia and their financers in Teheran to protect international security and stability.

He also pointed out that the government’s priority currently is quick implementation of Riyadh Agreement and meeting people’s needs, as well as healing rift and unifying front of Yemeni people against Houthi militia.

He touched upon goodwill of the internationally recognized government towards UN efforts for realizing peace in the country amid Houthi militia complications of the military and political situations, doubling people human suffering.

For his part, the US official renewed his country’s support to the internationally recognized government and showed readiness to support Yemen in different fields, including fighting terrorism and support to efforts of the UN envoy to Yemen for realizing peace.


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