Iran-Houthi militia’s rocket force kills civilians in Yemen

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September Net

Since its coup against Yemen’s legitimate government, the Iran-backed Houthi rebel militia has been carrying out terrorist crimes against civilians in Marib province, targeting with ballistic missiles and other heavy weapons civiliains, killing thousands of them, mostly children and women.

The Houthi terrorist militia’s so-called Rapid Intervention Battalion, and another so-called Rocket Force, run by Iranian experts, are responsible for killing civilians in Yemen, according to the confessions of the terrorist cell has been already arrested in Marib province.

The Houthi militia terrorist cell was responsible for bombing homes and targeting civilians in liberated provinces, including Marib province.

Earlier, reports documented that the Houthi terrorist rebel militia had bombed Marib with 112 ballistic missiles, 131 Katyusha rockets and one Organ rocket.

According to a report distributed by the Human Rights Office in Marib province, the rockets were fired under the transmission of information by spy terrorist cells working for the Houthi militia, killing and injuring at least 689 civilians, including 92 children and women, from early April 2015 to July 14, 2020.


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