Army spokesman: Houthi militia commits daily war crimes and must be tagged as terrorist group


September Net

Yemen’s armed forces spokesman Brig. Gen. Abdo Mugali said the Houthi militia, in clear defiance of the international community is targeting civilians and committing successive massacres.

The killing of football player Nasser Al-Raimi and his son in Taiz by a missile fired by Houthi militia is one of the militia recurrent crimes, he said.

The militia is committing war crimes, including targeting communities and service facilities such as hospitals and schools, he said to September Net.

He pointed out that Saturday’s crime, which targeted the headquarters of al-Ahli Club in Taiz, comes a few days after the crime of Ekhwan Thabet industrial complex in Hodeidah governorate, killing and injuring dozens of civilian workers.

The army spokesman called on the UN to quickly tag the Houthi militia as a terrorist organization.

Moreover, Mugali welcomed the latest U.S. move announced by the secretary of state last week, which put the Houthis in a special category with other terrorist organizations such as Al-Qaeda and ISIS.

He esteemed the U.S. Treasury Department for placing Iran’s so-called ambassador to the Houthi militias Hassan Erlo and five Houthi security leaders in the category of sanctions for crimes and torture of civilians.


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