12 Rights Group condemn Houthi  shelling of football stadium in Taiz

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Yemeni Human rights organizations have condemned the Houthi militia’s shelling of the Al-Ahly football club in Taiz city.


In a join statements released by 12 Yemeni Human rights organizations described as a war crime and systematic crimes, the Iran-backed militia’s heavy shelling of the club which was located in a heavily civilian populated area.


The statement criticized the militia’s shelling on the Al-Ahly club, resulted in killing football captain Al-Raimi while he was training with his son and other children.


The statement said also it is clearly evidenced that the militia deliberately targets the innocent civilians, causing to claim the lives of civilians, including women and children.


“It is a war crime that necessitates an international action towards the systematic crimes of the Houthi militia”, the statement read.



It also demanded that the UN to take all the necessary measures to deter these crimes and criminalize the militia’s indiscriminate shelling on populated areas.


Issued by:


1- Yemeni Coalition for Monitoring Human Rights Violations.


  1. Seyaj Organization for Childhood Protection.


  1. Local Documentation Network – Taiz


  1. Justice and Equity for Development and Human Rights.


5- Yemeni Network for Rights and Freedoms.


  1. Human Centre for Rights and Development.


7- Yemeni Center for Legal Studies.


8- Human Rights Media Center.


  1. Peace Social Organization


  1. ARH for Rights and Development.


  1. Yemen Rights Organization


  1. Ensaf Organization for Rights and Developments.

Saturday, December 12, 2020


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