Rights report documents Houthi militia’s violations against capital Sana’a citizens’ over November

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Al-Asemah Information Center issued Sunday human rights report documenting part of the Houthi militia violations against the people of the capital Sanaa, during past November 2020.


The report focused on three Houthi militia’s violations :1st dredging of the educational process.


2nd the confiscation of land and state property under a militia-sought plan aims to effect demographic change.


3rd abusing and blackmailing banks, private companies, shops and street vendors.


The report documented over 320 violations against female teachers, including threatening and interfering in their work by the so-called “Zeinbiat”.


As a part of the militia’s policy to make restrictions against female teachers and educational process it transferred a number of them to schools far from their homes.


Also, more than 50 public and private schools were raided by militia’s gunmen, while 16 private schools were closed a week after their administrations refused to pay levies under the pretext of Prophet’s birthday celebrations.


Since 9 months, the militia keep kidnapping the manager of Science and Technology University Professor Hamid Aqlan, despite the demands and demonstrations carried out by senior tribal and community figures, but the militia has not yet responded.


About 220 law clerks in the capital Sanaa, have been arrested in Nov and dozens prosecuted, as part of militia’s efforts to impose demographic change that serves its sectarian agenda.


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